Lacquer Tips

Clear Crystal Lacquer

The clear crystal lacquer can be used over any medium (colored inks, chalks, markers, Dove Blender, etc. . .).  Simply squeeze the lacquer over the area you want cover and let air dry flat for 30-45 minutes.  If an air bubble occurs, pop it with the corner of a piece of paper. 


  • When lacquer is in use, store the bottle upside-down in a cup with a damp paper towel in the bottom.  This will keep the tip open.
  • When using the lacquer for the first time, snip the top of the bottle down so that the pink tip fits snugly (don't start by snipping too much off the first time).
  • When you are through using the lacquer, take the pink tip off, clean it out, blow warm water through it, make sure it is unclogged, and place the white safety cap back on the bottle.
  • NEVER SHAKE THE LACQUER, it will fill it full of air bubbles.

Colored Crystal Lacquer

The colored crystal lacquer can , like the clear, be used over any medium.  To use simply take the yellow cap off the tube and squeeze.    If any air bubbles happen, simply pop them with the corner of a paper.  Let the lacquer air dry flat for 30 -45 minutes.


  • Store the colored crystal lacquer upside-down in a cup.  This keeps the air trapped at the top of the tube, therefore less air bubbles are likely to happen.
  • NEVER SHAKE THE LACQUER, it will fill it full of air bubbles.

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