Clothes for the "Critters" List

We've had lots of requests for a list on what clothes fit the large or small "Critters" so here is a list of what we think works...but please feel free to be creative and see what you can make fit!

Image                                  Sm. "Critter"    Both   Lg. "Critter"
 AAA-15 Left Mitten X    
 AAA-16 Right Mitten X    
 AAA-75 Dot Bow   X  
 AAA-104 Pilgrim Hat X    
 AAA-69 Baby Bottle   X  
 AAA-150 Grad Hat X    
 AAA-229 Coffee Mug X    
 AAA-302 Santa Hat   X  
 B-57 Beanie    X   
 B-86-HK Beads     X
 B-87-HK Polka Dot Bow   X  
 B-88-HK Hula Flowers      X 
 B-102-HK Baseball Hat      
 B-103-HK Shorts X    
 B-104-HK Swim Trunks X    
 B-105-HK Bikini X    
 B-108 Med. Dust Bunny    X  
 B-111-HK Sm. Crown    X  
 B-114-HK Sm. Hard Hat X    
 B-115-HK Sm. Tie X    
 B-116-HK Sm. Polka Dot Hat X    
 C-89 Mask     X
 C-90 Chef Hat    X  
 C-93 Toilet Paper      X 
 C-112 Plunger      X 
 C-129-HK Hula Lei     X
 C-133-HK Mary Jane Shoes    
 C-142-HK Pom Pom   X  
 C-143-HK Tu-TU   X Overlap to make fit
 C-144-HK Cheer Skirt   X Overlap to make fit
 C-151-HK Sm. Business Hat X    
 C-152-HK Sm. Wing Tip Shoes X    
 C-153-HK Sm. High Heels X    
 C-154 Sm. Ladies Hat   X  
 C-155 Sm. Lady Shos X    
 C-156-HK Sm. Tool Belt X    
 C-157-HK Sm. Feather Boa Hat X    
 C-158 Sm. Bunny Ears X    
 D-70 Fake Nose   X  
 D-74 Right Mitten     X
 D-75 Left Mitten     X
 D-133-HK Berry Bow Hat    X   
 D-134-HK Trick-or-Treat Pumpkin     X
 D-135 Coffee Mug      X 
 D-145-HK Flapper Heaband     X
 D-148-HK Bandana      X 
 D-150-HK Hard Hat      X 
 D-154-HK Sm. Boots X    
 E-127 Santa Hat    
 E-128 Party Hat   X  
 E-129 Business Hat     X
 E-130 Bee Hat     X
 E-159 Dust Bunny     X
 E-170-HK Sm. Fish Hat   X  
 E-172 Grad Cap   X  
 E-196-HK Wide Brim Hat     X
 E-217-HK Polka Dot Hat     X
 E-218-HK Purse     X
 E-219-HK Hula Skirt     X
 E-220-HK Scarf     X
 E-241-HK Inner Tube X    
 E-242-HK Tie     X
 E-243-HK Flapper Skirt      X 
 E-244-HK Ballet Feet X    
 E-255-HK Cowboy Hat     X
 E-256-HK Holster     X
 E-257-HK Tool Belt      X 
 F-165 Ladies Straw Hat     X
 F-166 Bunny Ears     X
 F-288-HK Business Hat      X 
 F-289-HK Wing Tip Shoes     X
 F-290-HK High Heeels      X 
 F-302-HK Santa Hat      X 
 F-304-HK Witch Hat     X   
 F-237 Christmas Bow     X
 F-272-HK Earmuffs      X 
 G-127-HK Hat w/ Feathers     X
 G-128-HK Top Hat w/ Ribbon     X
 G-129-HK Beach Hat      X 
 G-130-HK Feather Boa Hat      X 
 G-131-HK Swirl Flower Hat     X
 G-137 Lady Shoes     X
 G-138-HK Boots      X 
 H-220-HK Winter Hat      X 
 H-255-HK Broom     X
 H-264-HK Santa Bag     
 Q-012-HK Baby Cube      X 

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