Idea Video Clips

See video clips of ideas and techniques from Judith and Heather

Be sure to check back and see what we are working on. Many of these videos are taken at our rubber stamp and scrapbook shows so from time to time you may hear some background sounds! To see the cards from the most current video go to the "Newest Cards" Page.

Idea Sheet Videos Episode 1-7 & 8

Episode 1 "The Fir Branch"

Download Idea Sheet:

Episode 2 "The Sprig"

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Episode 3 "The Stick Weed"

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Episode 4 "The Hay Pile & More"

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Episode 5 "Stems"

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Episode 6 "Containers & Coloring"

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Episode 7 & 8 The "Tree For All Seasons"

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Idea & Tip Videos


Butterflies! (Part 2)

Butterflies (Part 1)

Birthday Candles Squares

Dressed Animals

More uses for Interactive Stamps

Bold Flowers in a Box

Stick Weed Heart Wreath

Flowers on Stems

Simple Masking with a Square

Stamping with the Design Line

Stamping with the Dot Row

Sprig Wreath and Masking into a Bucket


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